Brians Song 2

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Brians Song 2

Continued from Brian's Song 

I just smiled as his dick slipped out of my mouth.

Brian then reached down for mine, ’I guess it is your turn’ is the last thing he said as I lied down and Brian took my mouthful with a crooked smile.

I was as hard as a rock and close to bursting. As I sat at the head of the bed Brian positioned himself between my legs and went to work. He took my balls into his mouth and rolled them gently around, playing with them. Then he focused on the sensitive spot between my balls and followed that up to the base of my dick. As I was writhing in /ecstasy/">ecstasy Brian grabbed the base of my cock and pushed down stretching the skin of pole tight and pulling on the head so much that my piss slit must have opened up like a hungry snake. The feeling was out of this world, and as I felt his lips surround the head, I couldn’t take it any longer and I started to spasm uncontrollably and came into Brian’s waiting mouth. He received spasms after spasm with welcome enthusiasm.

After a few minutes we lied side by side on the bed panting and relishing the after glow of our orgasms. As I lied there I watched Brian’s chest moving up and down, and focused on his erect nipple, and a couple of straggling blond hairs. Brian was something to behold and I could hardly believe what had just happened.

We lied there in silence; all I could hear was my own heartbeat. Bryan lifted his arm on my side over his head exposing a fine tuff of hair in his armpit, and I watched a drip of sweat drip from is pit down towards the bed. I then fell asleep’

I awoke a little while later and noticed Brian was gone. I sat up in bed and could hear the shower going. I sat there and took a few moments to remember what had just happened. As a grin broke over my face I stood up and went to the washroom to take a pee. As I entered I thought about having a look behind the curtain, but the urgency of my piss over took me and I pulled up to the toilet and let go. Brian must have heard me as he almost immediately stuck his head out of the shower and smiled.

’Hey man, I thought you were going to sleep until morning,’ Brian said as he inspected my dick as I sent a stream of piss into the toilet. ’I ordered some pizza, it should be here soon’. Brian said as he returned to showering.

’Sounds good, I’ll listen for the door,’ I hollered as I exited the washroom. I threw on my boxers and a t-shirt, as I didn’t want to /freak/">freak out the room service guy. 

After a few moments I heard the knock on the door and jumped up to get it. As I Passed the washroom I caught a glimpse of Brian’s reflection in the mirror and had to stop for a second and watched him dry himself off. As he dried his hair, Brian’s dick and balls were dangling between his legs like wind chimes in a storm. His nipples were bright pinkish red matching the head of his dick and his skin was so smooth unencumbered by hair or muscles. As I stared at him my dick began to stir and harden. Just then another knock on the door awoke me from my spell. 

I proceeded up to the door but had to wait a second so my dick could settle a little bit. After a few seconds when my package wasn’t so obvious I opened the door. 

’Hey man here’s your pizza," Said a slightly chubby Mexican delivery boy, "That will be 17 bucks" he said as his eyes drifted to my package and a smile came upon his face.

I was kind of caught off guard as I was expecting to sign for a room service bill. ’Come on in I said,’ and retreated to the dresser by the bed to get my wallet. I fished through my wallet and turned back around and the delivery guy was right there. I guess he followed me in and was standing about 5 /feet/">feet away and was clearly checking me out. ’Here is 20, keep the change’ I stuttered.

’ Thanks man’ he said as he finally looked me in the eye and smiled a little mischievously. Then he turned around and headed out, but as he passed the washroom, I guess he caught a glimpse of Brian and paused for a second, then looked back and gave me a thumbs up as he opened the door and left.

Then Brian called out, ’is that the Pizza, I’m starving’ and came strutting out of the washroom stark naked. ’ Hope you don’t mind, my clothes are still wet and wearing a towel seems silly since we just had our dicks in each others mouth.

’Not a problem’ I replied, after all how could I mind he was so beautiful. We sat cross-legged on the bed facing each other with the pizza between us and chowed down, and man that was the best pizza I have ever had. I tasted great and I got to take in Brian’s image with his dick and balls resting between his legs and his smooth legs circling them as if protecting them from me. We talked continuously and I for a while forgot that Brian was naked the conversation was so good.

Finally as we finished Brian leaned over and said ’Time for desert,’ as he lifted my shirt over my head. He then proceeded to push me back as he started sucking and licking my nipples, and slowly worked his way down and grabbed my boxers and removed them. He quickly took my cock into his mouth. It felt so good that I started to moan, but he didn’t linger long and ran a trail down my cock past my balls to the sensitive spot just behind my balls. blowjob porn videos I had never been touched there except by myself and it took my breath away. After a couple of minutes of pure milf porn videos pleasure Brian grabbed my legs and lifted them up to expose my crack to his tongue. It felt so good to be in such a vulnerable position with Brian in total control of me. As he licked my crack and centered in on my hole the feeling was like no other as he massaged it with his tongue. He then proceeded to tease it with a finger and before I new it he pushed it inside of me. Man it felt great as Brian used his spit to lubricate his finger as per pushed it in and out. 

Brian then reached over and grabbed the lotion from the bed stand, and squirted some on my ass, and on his dick. I just watched in a combination of fear and excitement as he then leaned forward and pointed his cock began to insert it into my guts.

At first it didn’t seem like it was going to go in, but after a couple of pushes it popped in. Oh my god the pain was excruciating, like nothing I had felt before and I screamed.

’Sorry man,’ Brian said, ’just relax and hold still’ as Brian paused.

’Shit that hurts’ I groaned and tried not to look like an Idiot. The pain would just not go away and I looked at Brian and contemplated asking him to stop and withdraw. 

He looked at me with his crooked smile and said, ’Just give it a minute’

Unbelievably after a couple of minutes there was no more pain, and I started to smile. Brian just watched my mood change and stated, ’I guess that smile on your face means it no longer hurts, time to get busy’.

And boy did he get busy. First he started to slowly move in and out, and the feeling was glorious. But after a few seconds he started pounding me like no tomorrow. As sweat, and saliva dripped onto my chest from Brian as he lost control he started to jerk and pump uncontrollably into my guts until he fell onto me in a heap of soaking wet panting flesh. 

We lied still until we started to catch our breath, and Brian’s cock softened and slipped out of my slimy hole like a smooth poop. Brian jumped up and ran to the bathroom to clean up. I just lied there in the glow of just having been fucked.

As Brian approached the bed he had his trademark cooked smile in place when he spoke. ’I hope you have something left, as now it my turn to get fucked’

I just smiled and got up on my knees, with my dick sticking straight out to show my enthusiasm. Brian got on his hands and knees in front of me and exposed his hole in all it’s glory as his balls dangled below. I got down on my knees and licked his crack like a horny dog. He had hardly any hair; just enough to give of the mixed scent of sweat and funk to remind you that you were licking a /ass/guys-ass/">guys ass. I tried to insert my tongue into his hole but it was way too tight so I jumped up and grabbed the lotion and started to lube him up. First with one finger, then with two as I massaged his insides. I wanted to take my time as I remembered my pain. Finally after I had him good and loose I lubed up my dick and pushed it in. Man was he tight, and he gasped as it went in. I just paused until the tightness went a way and then I started to grind in an out, as his guts massaged my cock.

I was so hot watching his perfect back flex with every stroke, until I could not hold back any more. I pushed hard one final time and filled his guts with my juice. After numerous spasms, my dick slipped out and I just collapsed on my back on the bed. I saw Brian get up and go to the washroom and come back with a wet towel to clean me up ever so tenderly.

We just lied there, curled up together and fell fast asleep.

To be continued in Brian's Song 3