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This story is complete fictional!

 "Everybody ready to go?," the manager said as the 18 yearsung passengers bucked up and prepared to embark on a to Virgina to see and old boss. Amoung the passengers were the junior supervisor Plex, who was 19, and the delightfull student worker, Cya, who was 15.

Plex was a Junior in , and he had just returned to his job at the National Aquarium in his city, but this time he returned as a Junior supervisior instead of a stundent worker. He was chunky and not but pleasant in personality.

Cya, on the other hand was a student worker, that just started her second year with the Aquarium. She attented the high school that Plex graduated from, and remembered his face from the halls when he introduced him self and title the first day of work.

Now here they were, on a Van together, getting to know each other better. Plex told her about college and played with his flirtatious personality. Cya had a to die for smile. She was all around beautiful. She was 5'7 and 120 with a big plum ass and . She had major curves, yet a school girl type innocences. She explained how well she was doing in high school and how much she liked her job.

"Who has to used the rest room?," the driver/ supervior asked about half way thought the trip. I do 15 voices said as the van began to pull over. Cya said "Plex, I will be right back, I'am going to get a drink." As she smiled and existed the van Plex sexually messaged her hand. Although Cya never experenced anything like this, she was unschocking turned on. Immediatly her pussy became moist, and she felt butterflies in her stomach. Her clit became sensitive and irritated by her now totally .

Getting back in the Van, Cya wanted to get over the experience that made her sexually aroused, and decide to take down time and listen to music. After a couple of CD's and millions of lickings of the tounge, and smiles from Plex she popped in mixed CD that included a song called "let's ride."Let ride,all night,our love is 'bout it 'bout it,and it on tonight. Put in thing in your pussy and make you go wild." After being suprized with real forced anal against her will the lyrics of the song the eairlier feeling came back. He clit was going wild, she could feel the cum runinng in a matter of senconds, from her pussy to her hold. Especially since she was lying falt down. She was so swolen that she hurt she just had to touch her self. She sat up and notice that her Van mates were sleep, who were on her row. She put the pillow she was lying on over her skirt. She than moved her hand down to touch her self. She rubbed he clit in slow circles in tham felt some reliveif, but was afraid that she would get caught. She pulled her hand from her pusst and smelled it, this drove her over the edge, then she tasted it, and that salt milk like substance lead her to a convusing orgasium. She shuddred three times and then felt completly relaxed and wanted more.

That's when she realized that Plex was watching he react from the front row, when she was on the third row. She looked at him and want him wrost than anyone before, she had to sweeze her pussy lips together, to reliveie some of the tension.

"Were here, everybody wake up," the dirver said as Cya closed her syes to pretend sleep to wake up. Everybody got up got there bags, and waited for there room assignments. Plex and Cya were at the end of the line when the supervior said that there was a problem. There is a odd number of girls and since she was that the end of the line she would have a room to her self, and that she was sorry. Because Plex was the Junior supervior he was entitled to his own room.

Cya act upset, however, she was horney and need the alone time to rub her self and taste her juices. Everyone got thier keys and went to there rooms, it was a long cramped ride and everyone had to work the next day so everybody went to bed. However Plex and Cya stayed up in each own bed room getting off and thinking about each other but neighter of them knew this.

After satifying her self plenty of times, Cya recived a call from Plex. At first she was , by she wanted him. He said "What are you doing?" She said "Having Fun, and you!" He said "Thinking about you, can I come over?" Cya against her own free will said "Yes."

She could not belive she said that and knew that he was on his way. She leant against the room door and felt happy and scared and horney all at the same time. She had never been with a guy before.

A knok came at the door she was on, it sapped her out of her daze, and she opened the door. Right away Plex pushed her on the bed and un did her robe. He reveled her and clean shaven pussy. He unzipped his pants and let his already erected cock out. The big dark tip of his head was just at the door of her pussy walls, knioking to get in. The blood was boiling between the two, and the pain had to be released. "No" cya said, "do you have a condom?" "No" Plex said, "well don't stick it in" I need protection. Plex moved down to the floor and pull cya's body to the egde xnxxv sunny leone video of the bed and said "well I have something to give you that you don't need protection for."

He put his tounge in her pussy and moved it in and out slowly. Every movement took cya higer and higher into to pleasure. He circled the tip of her clit, and bit it, this drove cya over the edge, and she brust all over his face. He licked her clean and wet again. He held on to her hips and pushed his whole tounge into her hold, and let it plauseate. He was getting her ready for fisting. He used her natural jucies to lub up his whole hand and slowly insert it into her. It was pain at first, her eyes teared up and then her cherry bust. Cya was spinning, in and out of pain and pleasure, more and more and more untill Plex came. Cya looked up and saw that Plex was in her, Plex had split her into a . During her pain and pleasure Plex becamed hard so hard that he had to stick it in.

All cya said was "Thank You Plex." She laid in his arms thinking "I love Virgina!"