My stranger

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My stranger

I live on 20 acres and I have a big house. Its been storming all day long. Of course you know this because u called 30 minutes ago saying you were on your way. Im waiting for you now. So I decide that im going to take a long hot bubble bath. I start the water and pour in the bubbles. I put some candles around the bathroom for just enough light. Then I slide my bathrobe off and I slip into the water. Its so hot it reminds me of last night with you. Then I slide my fingertips to my nipples and start to rub them. They are sore for you sucking on them before u left this morning. I start to bathe pouring the soap on my body and washing it to be squeaky clean just for you. I slide further into the tub and wash my hair. The power in the house goes off. Its dark in the house except for the candles I have lit in the bathroom. as I finish my bath I let the water out. 

Slowly get out of the tub and blow out all the candles except one. I walk over to my king size bed and start to dry off. I pull out these lacy /thong/">thong panties that you like so much and slide them on. As I sit on the chair in front of the mirror I hear a noise. The noise is coming from the kitchen. I slide a satin baby doll gown on and start to walk through my bedroom door. As I walk past my door someone blows the candle out. I stop right where I am wondering if it you or someone else. I hear breathing and its close. I slowly back up to where my door was and xxx sex video download free com someone grabs me pushing me up to the wall. They are whispering all the obsentities in my ears. Despite what im thinking my body starts to get turned on. He is telling me that he is going sexxxx video ful hd to take me back to my room and give me something to remember him by. My mind is panicking. My heart rate has jumped up and im starting to get short of breath. He takes one of my bandannas and puts it over my eyes so in case the lights come on I cant see him. Then he takes another bandanna and puts it around my mouth. 

He walks me to my bed and starts to take off my nightie. Im waiting for him to touch me. He lays me down on the bed and handcuffs my hands to the head board. He is kissing me down my neck and is sucking on my tits. Oh god this is really starting to feel good. He is slowly sucking my tits I start to moan a little. He hears me and continues saying do you like that mommie ? If so im going to continue doing more. He is slowly kissing his way down my tits to my stomach and he is running his tongue in and out of my belly button. Then he stops. He slides my thong panties to the side. and slowly takes a finger and slides up my pussy lips. I have soaked my sheets with my juices. He slides a finger in my womanhood to test for readiness.

Then he slides down toward my pussy lips taking then in one at a time. I start to moan to him. The pleasure he is giving me is sending me over the edge. Im trying to keep myself in control but it is not working. This guy knows my body like the back of his hand. It still doesnt click on who this person is. I havent had sex with anyone but you in the last two years so im not sure who it is. He takes his thumb and rubs my clit while he is eating me out. I start to breath very hard he knows im getting ready to cum then he stops. He stands up and I can hear him taking his clothes off. I start to moan. He is back to kissing my neck again. He slides his tongue down my neck to my tits. And takes one in while holding the other in his hand. Oh god I can stand it. He slowly slides his dick down my slit and I feel how big it is. OH the anticipation of waiting. He slides it in and I feel it feel my up completely. I moan as the anticipation is over. Oooooooooooooooooo

I move my hips a little so I can adjust to the thickness. He starts to slowly move in and out in and out then he picks up the pace getting faster and faster. He starts to feel me tense up he knows im getting ready to cum. He pushes one last time then stops. I hear him breathing. He pulls me over on my stomach and starts to take a finger and slides it into my ass. He slides his finger in and out slowly for me to get used to the feeling. Then I feel the head of his dick slide in. I start to squirm. He leans over to my ear and says if you dont stop moving I wont wait I will shove it in anyway. I stop moving instantly. Thats my girl he whispers. Then he shoves it in causing me to grab the head board and scream. No one can hear me and I dont know who this stranger is. Then he wraps my hair around his hand and starts to pull me back on his dick. Holding me in place he starts to push harder and faster than he was before. I start to scream. Hes pushing faster and faster harder and harder he starting to tense up and just before he tenses up I cum and go limp. He cums right in my ass. 

He removes his dick from my ass and I can feel the cum drip out of my ass. Then he lays beside me I am breathing hard and im trying to regulate my breathing. I cant seem to do it. Then he leans over to me taking my handcuffs off and telling me that in five minutes I can take the bandanna off. If I do so before that he will be back. So I dont move. After about five minutes I dont hear anything. So I think its safe to take it off. Im laying there in the dark wondering what just happened. I immediately get up and start to turn on the shower with hot water. I need to wash this man off of me. Just as im washing my body off u walk into the shower and put your hands around my waist and u start to slide your hand down to my pussy and rubbing my clit.